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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictographs up Centerville Canyon

We took a small hike to some pictographs along Parrish Creek. There was a small waterfall along the trail.

As we approached the site, we saw a Forest Service marker alerting that the rock art was near. Please do as the sign says and don't touch or deface the rock art!

The pictographs were under this ledge.
The big panel.
Several of the smaller figures were in better condition. This one has a man and either a dog or a wolf.
We think this one looks like the sun.

Another one.
This one was my favorite. I think it looks like a donkey.

Nearest City: Centerville, UT
GPS Coordinates: N 40° 55.455 W 111° 51.683
Time Needed: 1 hour
Difficulty: easy-moderate
Kid Friendly: mostly. One spot on the trail would be difficult for kids. Two adults recommended.
Additional Info: Drive east on Parrish Lane as far as you can. Park anytime after N 40° 55.344 W 111° 51.979. Hike to the bridge at N 40° 55.431 W 111° 51.817. At the bridge, there is a small trail that goes upstream on the north side of the bridge. Follow the trail to the rock art location.

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