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Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Gingerbread" Houses

Last night we went and made "gingerbread" houses with our friends the Bigelows. We had a great time frosting our graham crackers and trying to keep them together while the frosting set up. We had a great time- the Bigelows houses ended up looking much more professional than ours did. Anna had 2 stories and a garage, while Ben's mansion was complete with advanced roofing technology. (Sorry- no pictures!) Ashley had a great looking little cottage, and mine...well...lets just say there is always next year!

Ashley's house

James helping with the house... or rather the candy.

James helped a lot with my house- he helped frost the crackers together, put together trees, and decorate the house a bit. Probably the funniest thing all night though was the way he kept taking the candy and scarfing it down- both pre-frosted and with frosting.

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  1. Fun! I think that looks like a blast. You and Ash come up with all sorts of fun activities. :)