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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tent Rocks

In doing some research for this trip, we discovered Tent Rocks National Monument. This place became one of the top things on our "to do" list. Ashley liked the geology, and I'm a sucker for slot canyons. This place has both! It's a bit under-developed as far as the approach (4 miles on a really washboardy dirt road- after driving through and indian reservation), but once you get there it is really nice.

We'd heard that a storm was coming in later in the week, so we re-arranged our schedule and came here on Wednesday. We hiked up the slot canyon to the viewpoint, and around a little loop trail to look at more of the tent rocks. This is kindof like Goblin Valley in Utah, but different formations, and not as extensive. We spent about 3 hours wandering around.

The Tent Rocks.

The tent rocks are formed from rock that was formed from volcanic ash. The ash isn't very durable, so it erodes really easily. Up on top are some harder rocks, that prevent the softer ash from being eroded.

Two of my favorite things... (my favorite is in the purple)

Us in a wide spot in the canyon.

More tent rocks, this time from above. Should we hang this picture on our wall?

Another picture of the slot canyon. Did I mention- I love slot canyons?
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