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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Prairie Park Nature Center

We visited the Prairie Park Nature Center in Lawrence.  It's a fantastic little nature center.  Kids enjoyed most of the visit, but they had one small and noisy problem- the macaw.  The macaw likes to shriek at visitors and can be quite loud and startling.  A few of the kids started crying after they were startled by the macaw's shrieks.  They got over it quickly though and had a very enjoyable visit. 
I liked this turtle.  When it was younger it got caught in some fishing line or other trash that restricted it around the middle.  It continued to grow, but was unable to do so where it was encircled.  Now the shell is misshapen and looks like a figure 8.  Take care of your trash and throw it away properly!
The caiman on display was a nice bonus!  It looks like a small crocodile.  It was fun to watch him soak up the warmth from the heat lamp.
There were various other displays as well, some showing the different animals that are native to Kansas.  Some had bugs and spiders. 
Outside there are some birds that have been injured and are unable to be released back into the wild, like these two bald eagles.  The Prairie Park Nature Center is a great place to visit, especially on a rainy Saturday!

Nearest City: Lawrence, KS
Location: 2730 Harper St, Lawrence, Kansas
Time Needed: 1+ hours
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Prairie Park Nature Center Website

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  1. That caiman is in a way to small cage! Its terrible and its filthy! Also the snapping turtles tank is way to small!