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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Martha's Garden Date Farm in Yuma

While in Yuma, we stopped by Martha's Gardens Date Farm.  It's located about ten miles east or so from the heart of Yuma, off of a few minor roads.  There are several signs to help direct you the right way so it's not terribly difficult to find.  The date farm is pretty cool as you pull into it you're greeted with a palm tree forest.  Actually it's a palm tree orchard.  At last count, there were about 80 acres of date palms, with more being planted yearly. 
We got some of their famous date shakes, which were well enjoyed by the kids.  They did their best to lick up every last drop out of their cups.  I thought they tasted pretty good too- the best comparison I've come up with is a brown sugary/caramel flavor.  We bought a box of dates to bring home with us to use in baking.  
They offer tours if they can get more then ten people to sign up for them ahead of time.  There weren't enough people when we were there to do a tour. It was still neat to see the part of the date farm that we could, including a few trees with bunches of dates still growing on them.  If you're in Yuma and looking for something to do, make the drive out to Martha's Gardens!

Nearest City: Yuma, AZ
Location: N° W°
Time Needed: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes.  It's a popular spot for snowbirds too.
Additional Info: Tours are $10/person


  1. Great blog. I live in the Yuma Foothills and have been to Martha’s several time, but still looking forward to my first trip through the orchard. We always take first time guests there. We love living here and really appreciate our rural agricultural surroundings. We still get that strange look from friends when we share about our agricultural economy here “IN THE DESERT!!!” 😎