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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Croney Hot Springs

As I was looking around for more fun things to do in the Lava Hot Springs area, I found a primitive hot spring on the banks of the Portneuf River.  It didn't really have a name, so I'll just go with Croney Hot Spring since it's accessed via the Croney Road Sportsmans Access.  It's less than half a mile to the springs, but it involves a river crossing to get there.
We crossed the river and hiked over to the spring.  It obviously hadn't been visited for a while, judging from all of the moss and algae.  It doesn't look very appetizing, does it!  I felt the water and it felt great!  I felt like Goldilocks eating the baby bear's porridge- this one feels just right! 
We had a great little soak and watched a rainstorm roll in and felt a few drops fall.    
My 2 year old really liked the hot spring and kept saying " I Yike It! I Yike It!"  I "yike" hot springs too. All too soon it was time to get out and move on.
Here's a last shot of us crossing the river.  The deepest it got was about mid-thigh, but I'm sure there are deeper spots.  Back at the car, I talked to a local who enjoys the spring during the duck hunt.  He just sits and soaks, waiting for ducks to fly overhead. 

Nearest City: Bancroft, ID
Location: N° W°
Time Needed: 1 hour +
Difficulty: High (only because the river crossing)
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info:  Don't dunk your head at this or any hot spring!  Hot springs can have some pretty funky bacteria and it's just not worth risking a stay at the hospital. 

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