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Friday, November 12, 2010

Barnard Creek Falls

When looking for some petroglyphs in Northern Utah, I stumbled across some Centerville City Council minutes that referred to some up Barnard Creek. I thought I'd take a look, but didn't see any. I'm pretty sure they were referring to the ones up Parrish Creek. Hiking Barnard Creek was fun just the same.

The trail is not a major one, and is a small singletrack for the whole way. A few times, the trail kindof petered out (usually near a stream crossing). After looking around a little bit we'd find it again.

There are numerous cascades along the small creek on the way up the canyon. This one is my favorite cascade.

We kept going and kept going, and suddenly the air felt pretty cold. Like a waterfall was near cold. We went a little further, turned a corner, and BOOM- the waterfall was right in front of us. I'd never heard of a waterfall up Barnard Creek, but there is one. It't about 8 feet high and is really pretty. After enjoying the falls, we turned around and retraced the trail down the mountain.

Nearest City:Centerville, UT
GPS Coordinates: N 40.56.268 W 111.51.172
Time Needed:4 hours
Difficulty:Moderate (some route finding)
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info:

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  1. There is actually a much taller up following the creek in a eastern fashion. You can even see in Google Earth.