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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mammoth Site

We stopped at the Hot Springs Mammoth Site. Apparently a long long time ago, this was the site of a sinkhole. Columbian mammoths that had been exiled from their groups wandered around, found it, then tried to get to the water in the bottom. After drinking, they'd try to get out, find the walls to steep, so they'd die. They've found parts of at least 58 mammoths at the last count.

Many of these bones are still in their original places- awesome!

This is a picture of a mammoth footprint. He'd step in the sediment, then pull out his foot. The turbulence would remain behind, showing where he had stepped.

Nearest City: Hot Springs, South Dakota
GPS Coordinates:
Time Needed:1 Hour
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info: Cost $8/Adult

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