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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ramsey Canyon Nature Walk

We've been to Ramsey Canyon several times.  It's a great afternoon getaway in the summer months, but really it's nice anytime.  We like it on weekends in the summer though because they have "bring a kid, get in free" weekends.  Otherwise, it's a few dollars per person charged by the Nature Conservancy to go up Ramsey Canyon.  Ramsey Canyon, along with the San Pedro River is one of the world famous birdwatching spots here in Cochise County.  The record for most hummingbirds spotted in one day was set here a few years back when somebody identified 14 or 15 different species. 
In addition to the birdwatching, there's a nice hiking trail up and old road, and several cabins that are along the way.  The cabins are closed off, and at least one of them is home to a bat colony in the summer. 
The trail loops and goes by another cabin as well.  It's pleasant along the creek, with the water splashing in the shade of the sycamores and oak trees.  We absolutely love the sycamore trees here in the Huachuca Mountain canyons.  They are so pretty!
One spot on the trail is constantly wet due to a small seep.  The butterflies flutter around the spot quite heavily.  They'll even land on you to get some of the salt and minerals from your skin.  We held still and this large butterfly couldn't get enough of us!  The kids absolutely loved the butterflies! 
Toward the top of the canyon there are a few small frog ponds, used to raise endangered Chiricahua Leopard Frogs.  We spotted a few while we were there.  The kids wanted to go chase them, but since the are is roped off, we thought it best to leave the frogs alone. 

Ramsey Canyon is a great place to visit.  It's located at the end of Ramsey Canyon Road, southwest of Sierra Vista. 

Nearest City: Sierra Vista / Hereford, AZ
Location: west end of Ramsey Canyon Road
Time Needed: several hours
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Nature Conservancy Webpage for Ramsey Canyon

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