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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Cochise and Western Model Train Club Open House

A couple times every year the local model railroading club has open houses.   We like to stop by and see what the Cochise and Western Model Railroad Club is doing.  It's always fun to step inside their little clubhouse and observe the changes to the layout they've done since our last visit.  They have a lot of fun doing it! 
They have two main rooms, each with a different scale model railroad.  They have the tracks and trains set up, along with the scenery that the trains pass by on the way through.  Small towns, farms, train trestles, rivers, and many other sites are in place.  The IRS office in one of the towns is burning down.  Rafters are being rescued from a waterfall.  You can look for an amorous couple stepping out from some bushes.  There's lots to see and the humor is found in the details here.
Outside, there is a larger train set that runs around on bigger tracks.  This one seems to be a favorite of the kids.   There are always club members around to answer questions and to help you have a good time.  The kids loved it when one of the club members let them blow the train whistle.
Our favorite scale building outside was "The Poverty Depository for Old Unwanted Parents".  The club meets weekly, and if you're around and see cars outside, they welcome visitors to stop in and take a look around.  You're always welcomed to join the club as well.

Nearest City: Sierra Vista, AZ
Location: 680 Fort Avenue, Sierra Vista, AZ
Time Needed: varies
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Cochise & Western Railroad Club


  1. My uncle is one of the guys who has run this club for years, Charles Cole. Hearing about that burning IRS building makes me laugh, because that is certainly his sense of humor, no matter whose idea it was. He's collected model trains since he was very young. I remember when he would visit on leave from the Army and would set up his train. It's nice to see the club mentioned on your blog.

    1. Gale,
      Thanks for your comment! We always would love stopping by for the open houses at the Cochise & Western!

  2. To BeeJoe Smith: If you are trying to reach someone in the Cochise and Western Model Railroad Club, please visit their website at cwmrrc.com, specifically the "Contact Us" portion of the website, found at http://cwmrrc.com/ContactUS.html

    Best of luck. Outside of that, I cannot help you.