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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Star Parties at Patterson Observatory

The Huachuca Astronomy Club has star parties regularly at Patterson Observatory on the Cochise College Campus.  We wanted to visit them for a while before we were finally able to make it happen.  The star parties generally start about dusk, depending on the weather.  Several of the ones we wanted to make it out to were cancelled due to overcast skies.  We were able to see the craters on the moon, look through several telescopes, and even look through the large telescope at the observatory.  The telescope is programmed to be aimed by a computer, which makes seeing several of the stars and objects easier to find.  I saw a two colored double star when I peeked through the eyepiece.  If you've got a free evening when they're holding an event, stop by and see what's happening!  Several of the club members have discovered other planets, distant stars, and the like.  You're welcome to come out and join them!

Nearest City: Sierra Vista, AZ
Location: Cochise College Campus, College Drive, Sierra Vista
Time Needed: varies
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info: Huachuca Astronomy Club

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