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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Weston Bluffs Trail at Weston Bend State Park

In Mid-May we had a free Saturday morning.  Some friends had told us about a fantastic trail at Weston Bend State Park that was good for hiking as well as kids on bikes, so we headed over to Weston.  Our friends planned on meeting us if they could break away as well.  We drove through downtown Weston and parked on Market Street about a block east of the lower end of Main Street.  It's a weird trailhead, but parking is limited right where the trail begins.  We unloaded the kids' bikes and headed south on Welt Street.  After a block or two, the road turned into a nice paved trail sandwiched between the bluffs of Weston Bend State Park on the east, and the Missouri River on the west. 
We had a great time racing down the trail.  The kids would slow down as they rode up small inclines, then raced down again on the other side.  We went for about a mile/mile and a half until the paved trail intersected with a service road from the main part of Weston Bend State Park.  Shortly after that, the pavement gave way to dirt, and since it had rained earlier in the day, we opted to turn around rather then bike in the mud. 
Along the way we saw two toads, countless snails, and lots of cicadas.  One of our little bikers was determined to rescue every snail he could and picked them off of the trail and threw them into the bushes.  We finally had to set a limit on the number of snails he could remove, or we'd never have made it back.   Lewis and Clark went through here a couple hundred years ago, and there is the occasional sign along the way that gives you an opportunity to stop and read a little about the local history.
It was a great little trail.  We even had a few trains go by on the tracks just below the trail.  Each time the kids stopped their bikes and ran over to the edge to see if they could count the cars on the train.  Don't let the confusing signage at the trailhead discourage you.  This trail is a local favorite.  I guarantee you'll see others out on it. 

Nearest City: Weston, MO
Location: Park at Market St & Welt Street.  Head south & slightly east on Welt.
Time Needed: 2 hours
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Platte County Parks Department  Includes a trail map.

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