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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Easy Walk to Angel Falls

We found another enjoyable trail to walk and bike.  The Angel Falls Trail is in Lansing, Kansas and leads to a small waterfall on Sevenmile Creek.  Usually we just park at the Catholic Church that is on the corner and follow the trail down.  Lansing City has been doing some trail improvements and now there's a paved walkway that goes from Ida Street all the way past the falls and out to Mary Street. 
Angel Falls only drops about 3 feet or so where Sevenmile Creek crosses a ledge of harder bedrock.  There are fossil shells and crinoid stems in the rocks if you're interested in fossils as well.  We left the trail and made our way down to the waterfall to splash and play in the creek.  We've gone to Angel Falls a couple of times since it's a walk that's the perfect length for kids to do.  In May and June there are a few mulberry trees that grow along the trail, so we picked and ate a few mulberries.  I do have to admit that whenever I eat mulberries, I think of the nursery rhyme and start looking for a monkey and a weasel. 

Nearest City: Lansing, KS
Location: Trail begins off of Ida Street and 147th Street
Time Needed: 45 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
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  1. I recently visited this place and loved it! I think you probably ate blackberries though, as mulberries are native to some other continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) and blackberries are native to North America.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am sure there are blackberries there, but there are mulberries there too. The blackberries grow on brambles and bushes, while the mulberries grow on trees.