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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oregon Trail Blueberry Farm

One of the highlights from June was picking blueberries at the Oregon Trail Blueberry Farm. They're newcomers to the whole you-pick thing, but their berries are growing and they'll be even better at it next year.  We went out on a Saturday morning after calling ahead to find a time that would work.  We met one of the owners and a great big friendly dog.  Talking with the owner, she said that they weren't expecting to have enough blueberries this year to open, but they had a bumper crop and her freezer was full so they decided to open it up to others. 
They're just starting out, so you have the chance to have the field to yourself if you go out and pick.  I didn't mind.  I think they'll end up doing quite well once word spreads.  We picked blueberries for probably 20-30 minutes and came away with plenty for eating and to make into homemade ice cream.  They also have raspberry and blackberry plants, but they weren't ready when we visited.  The Oregon Trail Blueberry farm has taken care to plant several varieties of blueberries in order to prolong the harvest over a longer duration.  This results in less waste, and a longer season.  So if they've been picked out when you try to visit, give it a few days and try again. 
The blueberries were about $4.50 a pound, which didn't seem unreasonable.  They were quite delicious.  The white "haze" on the blueberries is a good thing.  You don't need to wash them until you are ready to eat them.  We had a good visit and plan to go back again.

Nearest City: Leavenworth, KS
Location: 18962 Santa Fe Trail, Leavenworth KS 66048
Time Needed: varies.  Call before visiting.  (the number is on their website)
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Oregon Trail Farm Website

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