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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Canoeing at Lost Eighty Park

We took our yellow canoe over to the Lost 80 Park in Lansing to go canoeing.  The pond there isn't very big, but it was a place to go for a quick float.  The kids rushed down the hill, anxious to be the first to find a bobber or other lost fishing gear.  I followed along behind them with the canoe.  
We launched and paddled around the pond several times.  The east end is crowded with willows and brush, while the west end has a rocky dam.  North and south sides have grassy banks.  We paddled through the brush on the east, rounded the south, then headed north.  We saw a few turtles out in the water.  The next time around we decided to go a little slower and see if we could sneak up on any frogs along the bank.  
We sneaked up on a few frogs.  The most excitement we had was when a big bullfrog jumped from the bank right in to the canoe!  I don't know if the kids or the frog was the most surprised!  He hopped from bow to stern a few times before we got our hands on him.  We passed him around and admired him until one of the kids threw him over the gunnel and into the pond.

The Lost 80 Park has a pavilion, playground, and volleyball court.  It also has some fantastic trees for picnicking under.

Nearest City: Lansing, KS
Location: 1122 E. Mary Street, Lansing, KS
Time Needed: varies
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Lansing, Kansas

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