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Monday, May 25, 2015

Lawrence Community Orchard in the Spring

A few months ago I found a passing reference to the Lawrence Community Orchard.  Intrigued, I looked it up to see what it was.  Then I decided that I should go visit it.  I was intending to visit in the fall when most of the fruit is ripe, but a short trip to Lawrence gave me an earlier opportunity to visit it then I had planned on.  The Lawrence Fruit Tree Project is located in a residential neighborhood, just off of Garfield Street, east of Delaware Street.  It's a dead-end street because of the greenway/walking trail at the east end of the street, adjacent to the orchard. 
The little park has a lot of fruit trees and some garden spaces that are open to the public to walk through, as well as pick the ripe fruit.  I'm not sure their policy on taking fruit home, but I'm pretty sure the intent is to allow people to pick and eat whatever they'd like to while on the premises, but to limit opportunists who strip everything off of the trees so that others can't use it.  It sounds like an intriguing idea.  When I stopped by in mid-April, it was a rainy day and the ground was pretty well saturated.  I didn't stay for long, but long enough to see that there are numerous varieties of trees as well as some smaller plants and vines.   
I plan on going back to visit this fall. Probably the biggest reason may be to try and sample several different varieties of apples.  I'd like have a few fruit trees, but I want to figure out what kind of apple I like best before I plant the tree.  The Lawrence Community Orchard seems like a great place to stop and try a few. 

Nearest City: Lawrence, KS
Location: Garfield Street, east of Delaware Street, Lawrence, Kansas
Time Needed: Varies
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Lawrence Fruit Tree Project Website

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