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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reid Park Zoo: Tucson's Zoo

The last Saturday in April we went to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson.  A cold front was coming in, so it was nice and cool, a pleasant time instead of dealing with the usual Tucson heat.  One of the first stops was to see the anteaters.  The Tucson Zoo is famous for it's anteater breeding program. 
We liked the noisy green parrots.
The lion cubs were a great hit.
The kids really liked the tall giraffes.
 The flamingos were great to see too.
At the Discovery Center we got to pet a hedgehog.
The peacocks were out in full display as well.  Last time we were here, one of the peacocks stole some banana bread from our little guy and made him sad that they took his treat.  We wandered for a few hours until the front got closer and it started getting cold. 

Nearest City: Tucson, AZ
Location: 22nd St & Alvernon, Tucson, AZ
Time Needed: 1/2 day
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: www.reidparkzoo.org

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