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Monday, May 5, 2014

Carlsbad Caverns National Park: Rattlesnake Springs Section

The filter box at Rattlesnake Springs
After wandering the caves at Carlsbad Caverns, we drove back to the Pine Springs Campground, but on the way we stopped at Rattlesnake Springs.  Rattlesnake Springs is a section of Carlsbad National Park that was acquired primarily as a water source for the park.  The springs are still used for water, but the site is primarily used for picnicking and bird watching.  The springs are contained in a large pond with a filter box in the middle of it, and a pump house sitting on near the bank.  It's a great spot for a leisurely picnic. 

We ate a cantaloupe on the grass and wild mint along the bank of the spring.  Numerous fish are visible in the crystal clear water.  The ones above I think are tilapia, but I also saw bass swimming around.  I would have loved to have my fishing pole for a cast or two, but fishing is not allowed at Rattlesnake Springs. 
There's a large picnic area as you drive in with picnic tables under the large cottonwood trees.  It's a great spot for kids to run around.  As we were leaving, a tour bus full of school kids from Lubbock, TX on a field trip pulled in.  We waved goodbye, glad that we'd had it quieter while we were there.

Nearest City: Carlsbad, NM
Location: N° W°
Time Needed: 1/2 hour
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info:

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