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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ricks Spring Cave

This past weekend we had some family business up in Logan, so we decided to make an extended visit by doing some running around up Logan Canyon beforehand.  Ricks Spring was one of the little stops we made along the way. 
The spring is just off of Highway 89, about halfway between Logan and Bear Lake.  We've stopped there a handful of times before.  I think just about everybody that's been up Logan Canyon has stopped at Ricks Spring some time or another.  The spring is fun to look at, but there's also a cave at Ricks Spring! 
The cave is just to the left of the spring, and isn't very deep- maybe 25 feet or so.  It's fun to go into though, just so you can turn around and go back out. 
Actually, there are two caves at Ricks Spring.  The other cave is the spring itself.  Some of the water comes from the Logan River, and other sources have been shown to be higher up toward Tony Grove, but basically, the spring is a cave.  It takes diving gear and highly technical cave-diving experience, but it is possible to make it through the spring into a cavern beyond.  So far over 2000 feet has been explored, with more possible.  It sounds cool, but I think that's one cave I probably never will explore.  For more info on the cave diving at Ricks Spring, check out the Utah Caves Blog and other links posted on there. 
While standing and looking at the spring, I looked up at the walls of the small alcove it's in and noticed some old names on the wall.  They looked like they were of some early visitors applied in wagon grease. 
Nearest City: Logan, UT
Location: N 41° 50.405 W 111° 35.330
Time Needed: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: Generally
Additional Info: 

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