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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wild Black Raspberries

A few weeks ago I discovered a small patch of wild black raspberries.   It's a small patch, with only enough berries for a few handfuls, but it's fun to visit & partake.  We went up last night again- this was the 3rd time up there since we discovered it.  We'll go pick the berries, then let it sit for 4-7 days so more can ripen.  Then we'll go back.  I've picked several small thorns out of my hands today- the fee for raiding the tasty treasure. 
I've found other patches of raspberries here in Utah, but they've always been red raspberries.  The black raspberries taste the same, but they're a novel variation to me.  I need to get out and do some more exploring and see if there are more of the raspberries around.  The end of August & early September is definitely the time to get out & enjoy the wild fruit. 
Good luck looking for your own patch!  This one's small enough that I'm not going to ruin a good thing by posting where it's at!

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