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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Salt Lake City Warm Springs

Saturday we also stopped to see the Salt Lake City Warm Springs.  They're about 1/2 mile north of downtown in a park just east of Beck Street.  Most people don't stop to find them because the area is frequented by homeless people and is in a little rougher of an area (for Salt Lake anyway). 
There are several plaques and signs at the site telling about the geology of the springs, the history of native and immigrant use of the springs, wildlife, and plants of the area.  It's really pretty interesting.  Water seeps down about 3/4 of a mile, gets heated, then rises back to the surface along a fault line.  When it comes out it's about 100 degrees, and has a slight sulphur smell to it.  The signs say that soaking isn't allowed, but at one point it was quite a popular site for baths and soaking for the early settlers of the area. 
We also enjoyed the numerous small mosquitofish in the springs.  They're up to 2 inches long and can live in the warm water.  They eat mosquito larvae and the algae in the springs.  The water is really clear, and does feel pretty good.  We splashed in it a little bit. 

As we wandered back to our car we stopped and talked with 2 homeless guys.  They looked rough, but were sociable and respectful. 

Nearest City: Salt Lake City, UT
Location: 400 N and Beck Street
Time Needed: 30 min.
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info:

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