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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Brigham City Natural History Museum

The Brigham City Geology Museum is really cool. It's not very well advertised, and it's new location is a little off the beaten path, but it's open all of the time now instead of by-appointment. We were tipped off to it at the other Brigham City Museum and had to visit. It's definitely worth it

Fossilized lobsters and crabs are in display.

The baby turtle was really neat too.

There are several diplay cases of trilobites. The variety was quite astounding. Some were 1/4 inch long, while others were nearing 1 foot.

Fossil fish and leaves were there.

Some pyrite discs are thought to be fossilized sand dollars. The replacement was done with pyrite.

There were also several mineral displays. We only took pictures of a small portion of the museum.

Nearest City: Brigham City, UT
Address: 641 E. 200 N. Brigham City
Time Needed: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: Yes
Additional Info: This museum is located in an old elementary school in a residential area of town. It's open from 8-12 and 1-5 Monday through Friday. Free Admission.
Also- they have more exhibits to display, but don't have rooms and cases prepared to show them. Since they are operating on a thin budget, they are welcoming of donations and volunteers. Several rooms have been prepared as eagle scout projects.

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