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Friday, November 6, 2009

New Belgium Beer Tour

In Fort Collins, beer is a big thing. Not being a drinker, I don't understand why people get so giddy about it. They have numerous breweries, a beer festival, and a parade that's all about riding bikes and drinking beer. Doug and Bob McKenzie would love it here. Not being a drinker, you live in a world parallel to those who do. When work is done instead of going for a beer you go home for dinner; group projects are best done over a pizza instead of beer, and big events are marked with milkshakes instead of a round at the bar.

So in spite of all of this, the beer factory still was calling to me. Not for the beer, but for the buildings, machines, and processes. I had a friend who did an analysis of ways to improve the process and found that they only thing they could do better is ship it a day or two sooner. Other classes I've had have mentioned New Belgium for their buildings and innovative construction.
Last week we went for a tour. It was definitely cool to see. The bottle filling area was my favorite. I liked watching the bottles move around on the long conveyor belts.

Ashley liked the big wooden barrels in one of the back rooms. She also liked the quality control room- it looked like a laboratory!

They have some random decorations on the walls inside. The tour took an hour and a half. You could say we've officially seen everything in Fort Collins now.

Nearest City: Fort Collins, CO
GPS Coordinates:
Time Needed: 90 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: No
Additional Info:


  1. Ben wants to know if you enjoyed the free samples after the tour.

  2. Well now I feel okay admitting that we took our kids on the tour of the Bud plant when we first moved here. It is pretty cool. When Thayer saw the bottling area, he said, "Look at all those Pepsi's!" And him and Ethan both raised their hands when they asked who wanted free samples.