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Monday, November 9, 2009

Hiking Greyrock

I've had my eye on Greyrock for a while. Everything I've heard sounded like it would be a great little hike- 6-7 miles round trip, great views, & bagging a prominent Larimer County peak. Sure enough, it was a great hike.

The trail was built by the CCC in the 1930's. You can still see rock walls and other features that were built then.
The trail starts gently at the Poudre River, heads west for about half a mile, then turns sharply north and begins to climb. The trail climbs for the next mile or so to the overlook. From the overlook, the trail resumes to being fairly level.

Shortly past the overlook,you can really see Greyrock as it rises above you. The trail goes along the east side and up the back. It's steepest from this point on. Once you make it around back, the trail kindof peters out so you have to look around to find it again.
Just below the summit is a small pond. The easiest climbing is to the left of the pond up the east face.
Once at the top, the views are incredible in every direction.

We left Fort Collins at 9 AM, and made it back about 3, so round trip time was about 6 hours. We did have a 5 week old baby with us, so most people can do it a lot quicker.
Summit Location: N 40* 42.942 W 105* 17.557
Trailhead location: N 40* 41. 729 W. 105* 17.095
Peak Elevation- 7613 feet
Trailhead elevation- abt 5800 feet
Nearest City:
GPS Coordinates:
Time Needed:
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info:

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