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Monday, August 24, 2009

Having a blast at the Pawnee Grasslands

Saturday we went with some friends to the Pawnee Grasslands to shoot guns. Big guns and little guns, but mostly big guns. We started out plinking with some 22s, then graduated to shooting clay pigeons with shotguns. It was quite fun! Ash had never done that much shooting before and she really enjoyed it. I had a great time too. I hit a pigeon with my first shot and knew it would be better this time than the last time I went shooting. Other then the times I left the safety on (oops!), I thought I represented well. Especially since it had been at least 3 years since I'd done something similar. Ash was impressed too.

Thanks Ben & Anna- we had a good time!

Nearest City: Briggsdale, CO
GPS Coordinates: N 40° 40.933 W 104° 31.657
Time Needed:
Kid Friendly: No
Additional Info:


  1. Ben, you totally should not have put those pictures of me up!

  2. Okay, who gave the pregnant woman the gun? Lethal!

  3. I just love the ones of ashley...hahaha. There is nothing more frightening (or out of place) than a pregnant woman with a gun!

  4. Yea Ben, I totally agree with Ashley! Although I'm glad I got to see the pictures. It's like a black comedy, disturbing yet funny.


  5. I wouldn't give Tara a gun right now. . . she tells me the books say mood swings get pretty bad toward the end of a pregnancy and she has only one person to blame for being pregnant. . . haha

  6. Ah! Cute prego Ashes! Aren't you ready for the cute little thing to come visit the world though?

  7. I hear matt made the big "oops" of calling you 9 months pregnant when he commented to you on your shooting at church today. :) You are a very cute EIGHT month pregnant lady! (that's what you get for not telling people your due date) :) We think you guys are awesome!