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Monday, August 31, 2009

it's a camping thing

Corn- You gotta love it. This past week Ben and I went out to one of the local stake farms where they had corn up for free picking! Once we had more corn than we knew what to do with, Ben decided that we needed to have roasted corn......so, of course to have the finest roasted corn we needed to go camping! Not to mention the fact that this could potentially be the last time we go camping with just the two of us for a long, long time (unless anyone wants to volunteer babysitting services next summer :) ).

We cruised on up to Buckhorn Canyon, where we camped last year at Halloween. After securing a great little campsite Ben set up camp and I got dinner going. D.O. potatoes and chicken with delicious roasted hatch chilies and roasted corn. Mmmm. We then spent the next few hours poking around in the campfire, talking, and enjoying the beautiful fall-like weather.

The next morning, after a good nights rest we of course went fishing! (yes, I know everyone thinks I am crazy going camping right now, but we brought along a futon mattress to sleep on!)
Ben caught a bunch of cute little brookies, that are probably being eaten right this minute by some of our friends. They were the kinds in a little stream that you can watch swim up and bite! I had a few bites on my flies which were super fun to watch, but alas ultimately got skunked, as Ben calls it. Ben perservered a lot longer with fishing than I did, as usual. I enjoyed sitting on the edge of the stream carving wood and reading a good book. Camping was a blast as usual!
For those of you experienced with camping with babies, do you have any good advice? What age you started them camping at, where/how the baby sleeps in the tent, etc? If so- feel free to let me know. We have certainly come up with some ideas of our own, but haven't had the chance to try them out and we would love any helpful hints, even if it means bringing earplugs :).
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  1. We have gone camping several times this year with Grace and she loves it. She is just barely one now. For Christmas last year my inlaws gave us a tent that is big enough for our air mattress (I know I'm a wimp camper) and her playpen. We brought her snowsuit and coat for the nights and mornings when it is pretty cold. She slept really really well every time we went camping and stayed pretty warm with all the blankets and what not that we brought. It was pretty fun. Camping with a baby isn't too bad. Atleast it wasn't for us. I can't speak for everyone.

  2. For us, it has completely depended on the kid. Lexi was 4 months old when we took her tent camping for the first time. We put her in the car seat and she slept in it all night.

    Nathan was a different story. We took him tent camping at 5 months and he cried throughout the entire night. At one in the morning, I finally picked him up and hiked him 1.5 miles back to the car. I then drove him on mountain roads for couple hours to convince him to go to sleep. He finally slept for a couple hours and then, as the coup de grĂ¢ce, proceeded to blow out his diaper. And yes, all the diaper changing stuff was back at the campsite. :-P Stick with it even if you get a baby like Nathan. He is now our best camper/hiker.

    Bryce is between the two. He did really well sleeping in the car seat at four months. But, when we took him at six months, he kept waking up in the night. We think he was initially hungry, but would not eat because the water in the bottle was too cold. We slept with a bottle in the sleeping bag the next night and it went much better.