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Friday, February 6, 2009

Ice Fishing

Ben has been wanting to go ice fishing all winter long. Last weekend he decided that the ice was just about frozen enough for us to FINALLY be able to go. So- we headed out and (unknowingly to me) Ben was checking out the frozen ponds in the area. Later I figured out that was the reason of our random destination.

So, he found the perfect place for ice fishing- scouted out the spots where fish were most likely to want to be and had his plan.

Alas, Ben's plans were spoiled when we had beautiful weather basically in the 60's all week... somewhat like how January was...

Where has Winter gone? Where has the ice gone?

Goodbye Winter- we miss you!

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  1. Dang Ash-you're lucky. Winter won't leave us alone in Logan. It's been winter for going on 4 months...and there's no sign of letting up. I'm jealous! Enjoy it!

  2. Is there such a thing as slush fishing? Maybe we could start it up in Colorado.

  3. Someday Ash - you'll get the lovely experience of walking on ice, drilling a little hole and sitting there - ALL while FREEZING.

    I'm sorry the plans were foiled. Maybe next year!!!