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Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Mexico Trip, November 24-28 2008

Fall Break at CSU is a little weird. After Labor Day, the next break is Thanksgiving Week. I liked how Utah has fall break in October, but I'll still take the break. We decided to go to New Mexico and take advantage of the trip destinations out this way instead of going home for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are only 3 weeks apart, so we decided that there's really no reason to go home 3 weeks apart. Because of all of the activities of the trip, we've broken it down into several posts to highlight a little of what we saw and experienced. It was a memorable Thanksgiving!

The architecture is definitely "southwestern". There are lots of Indian reservations. There are more people living closer to poverty (think NEW Mexico). There is a lot of beautiful country to visit. We had a great time.

Some of the more Southwestern Style

A Southwestern Church

Chili Peppers were hanging all over the place
While we were wandering around Santa Fe we talked to a local who was at an art gallery. We asked him why they have all of the skeleton art, and he said it was to celebrate the "Day of the Dead"- interesting! Then he told us the story of the Mexican version of the story of the Grimm Reaper. It was awesome to learn more about the culture there. To some extent it often felt like we were in a different country!
Nearest City: Taos, NM; Santa Fe, NM
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