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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taos and Black Rock Hot Springs

On Monday we arrived in Taos late at night and decided to camp. We drove out into the country and found a place to stay. Lets just say it was cold! As we were drifting off to sleep, a pack of coyotes started yapping and serenaded us for a while until we both drifted away. Well, I slept really warm, thanks to the 7 blankets we had brought along, including we both had sleeping bags and thermarests- but in the morning it was hard to get out of the tent!!

Me not wanting to get out from under the warm pile of blankets- but Ben was letting all the cold air in!

Ben doing his dragon imitation. He hasn't graduated to flames yet.

Ben was brave and got out and got some water going for hot chocolate and started on breakfast- toad-in-the-roads and bacon! I came out cause he said hot chocolate was ready. You could definitely see his breath! COLD!

Because it was so cold we decided to go and hit up some hot springs to warm up. While driving there we saw the beautiful Rio Grande.

Ben and I enjoyed soaking in the hot springs, and eventually the sun came up enough to warm up the world so we got out and headed out to see Taos.

We wandered around the tiny downtown and enjoyed all of the southwestern culture. Then we headed off to Bandelier National Monument....

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