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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Fishing Day

Last Saturday was free fishing day in Colorado. Because we're still "non-residents", we decided to capitolize and go fishing. It's an insane $56 or so for a non-resident license, so we decided that we'd keep our money until we can be residents and pay the substantially less license fee. A side note- Colorado makes you give your social security number to buy a license- yet another one of the crazy things that makes us go "GRRR".

Ashley's been learning to tie flies. Right now she's great at tying beadhead wooly buggers. We decided to take a few of our new-made friends out for an adventure and went to the Riverbend Ponds. The ponds were really full of little sunfish and bluegill. We caught a bunch, but even more fun: Ash caught a few with flies that she tied!

Ash with her first fish on a fly she tied.
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  1. You two are a match made in heaven. I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time in CO - making the most of it! Keep it up. It's fun to see all the pics of the beautiful places you go.

    Love you guys...

  2. We are going water skiing on Mead tomorrow. dutch oven cooking, wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding and then camping out. Next week my boys and I are hiking the Narrows in Zion. Enjoy the mosquitoes in Colorado. Next time try Vegas.