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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Camping in Pingree Park

We went camping up to Pingree Park off of the Cache La Poudre River on May 30. We had a blast hiking around, reading in the hammock, cooking hotdogs over the fire, and being pyros.

It wasn't much in the way of remoteness or eye-blasting scenery, but it is Colorado in part of its' glory. Lots of trees, lots of people in the trees, a few beaver ponds, some wildflowers- just the typical things you'd expect while being out and camping by a dusty dirt road. We decided that there's a lot that can be said about hot dogs that are roasted slowly over hot coals. MMM MMM good! After eating two each, we decided that we forgot the marshmallows.

Also, hammocks while camping are the real deal. (Thank you Grandpa Davis!) It was relaxing to read, rock gently, and cuddle a little.

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  1. Your photos looks very nice, thank you for sharing with us.