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Monday, June 16, 2008

Backpacking to Comanche Reservoir

Friday afternoon we decided to take off for a quick backpacking getaway. Poudre canyon is the closest real mountain access- and it is constantly packed. Regardless, we loaded our packs, put them in the car, and took off for the hills. We decided to go to Comanche Reservoir, a small reservoir at about 9,500 feet and about 2 miles in. After a false start down a forest service road with a "Road Closed" sign, we went back to the trailhead and made it to the lake. It sure was windy! Ashley found a nice place to camp out of the wind and we had an enjoyable evening. The next day, we hiked up to the end of the lake, then headed home. It was a great little backpacking trip- our first.

At the reservoir. Look how crazy the wind is making our hair.
The snow covered mountains on the drive in

Starting out.

We had to wade because the river was flowing over the road.

Roasted apples- a real treat!

Trying out the water filter.

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