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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hiking at Horsetooth Rock

The most famous local landmark of Fort Collins is Horsetooth Rock. Apparently it looks like a horse tooth, we think it looks more like buckteeth. All we know is we don't want to get bitten by them! So anyway, we decided that we should go hike to the top- just to say that we did. I mean, you can't say you've lived in Fort Collins until you've hiked Horsetooth- right? We had a few things to do before we left, so it was about noon before we got to the trailhead. The map said it's about 2.5 miles- straight up a cliff. Actually, it's 2.5 miles up a dusty and hot trail with the bright sun beating down on you. Toward the top we found shade in some evergreen trees, but it was a hot hike and we chugged the gatorade down! It was a good hike and we enjoyed some apples and granola bars (appropriate food for horses) at the top.

Coming back down, we decided to take the scenic route and found some nice green meadows, more trees, and best of all, a downhill trail. We joyfully wended our way to Horsetooth Falls. The only problem was, the trail down to the falls presented another option that we don't think was an approved one. We found our way to the top of the falls and some nice cool pools of water. Then we scrambled down to the base of the falls. The pools at the top were definitely more cool than the base of the falls. We enjoyed the romantic atmosphere by ourselves for a few minutes, then headed out. On the way out we were almost trampled numerous times by large groups with a few adults and lots of kids.

Our recommendation: If you do this trail, do it like we did and get to the top first so you can cool off in the water later. Round trip estimated distance: 6.5 miles.

In front of Horsetooth
At the Top
In front of Horsetooth Drip.
Nearest City: Fort Collins, CO; Masonville, CO
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