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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Texas A&M Century Tree

In the middle of campus at Texas A&M is an old live oak known as the Century Tree.  This graceful tree has long drooping branches that bend all the way to the ground.  Aggie tradition maintains that if you walk under the boughs of the tree with your lover, you will be together forever.  It's the site of countless engagements and numerous weddings.  Many an Aggie has a tale of the Century Tree.
We visited A&M's campus while in College Station to visit friends.  Their kids were big Aggie fans, (complete with Johnny Manziel posters on their walls) and  wanted to show us campus and the Century Tree.
There's a hammock craze sweeping College Station, and I'm sure many other college towns.  We passed numerous groups of students dangling from branches of many of the beautiful trees on campus, just "hanging out" if you will.  Some trees had 8-10 hammocks in them.  When we got to the Century Tree though it was left alone.  I'm sure there's an unofficial official rule stating the tree is not for hammocks.  In fact, if someone was to hang their hammock, it's not hard to imagine other students quickly rallying to stop the outrage.
The Century Tree is a fun stop if you're spending time in College Station.  Swing by central campus and it's not hard to find.

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