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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden

I had a work trip to San Antonio.  My wife insisted that she go too.  And bring the kids.  What's a man to do?  I thought it would be a great time for my wife and kids while I was in meetings all day, and it would be an educational opportunity as well.  We planned our trip so that most things could be done while I was in my meetings, but there were a few smaller things that I could join them for in the evenings.  The Japanese Tea Garden was a place that everybody liked, so much so that they insisted I join them for a second visit.
The Japanese Garden is located near the San Antonio Zoo in Brackenridge Park. Nearby is the Sunken Garden Amphitheater, but the Japanese Garden sometimes is referred to as the Sunken Garden.   It's in an old rock quarry that once supplied stone for many buildings in San Antonio.  Nearly 100 years ago, the quarry was repurposed to become the garden and now provides a beautiful quiet park for all .  The limestone quarry is now covered with plants, and full of walking trails winding through and around it.  It has peaceful ponds at the bottom of the old quarry, full of koi.  Bridges over the ponds are picturesque and its fun to peer over the edge at the fish below. At the back of the park is a waterfall, and at the entrance a Japanese Pagoda.
The park is open daily from sunup to sundown.  It's at 3853 Mary Street, San Antonio, TX.  The best part about it (other then the beauty of the place) is that it's free!  Of course the pavilion can be reserved/rented for a fee, and reservations are even accepted for the place at the foot of the waterfall for events such as an intimate wedding or marriage proposal.  But if there's not anything reserved, go ahead and enjoy the space.

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