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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Strolling down the Riverwalk in San Antonio

After you have visited The Alamo, take a walk across the street to visit The Riverwalk.  It's San Antonio's second most famous attraction.  The Riverwalk is a series of trails built along a bend in the San Antonio River.  Because the trails are literally at the river's edge, it's down below the traffic and hustle and bustle of the streets above. It's a great example of well done urban design, and is a draw to people from all over who come to San Antonio to see the Alamo and walk the Riverwalk.
There are no guardrails for most of the sections of the trail.  You're tucked in between the river on one side, and shops and restaurants on the other.  Small cascades and gardens line the walk at regular intervals.  Most kids enjoy the Riverwalk, but it can be stressful for parents since the river is an immediate dropoff if one steps from the path.  My favorite part of the Riverwalk is the bridges that span the river.  They are beautiful bridges!
At night, the Riverwalk is a lively place, as diners sit under colorful umbrellas and enjoy their meals and drinks.  The Riverwalk is generally well lit and has a constant flow of people.  An added benefit of visiting in the evening is the free parking up on the street level.  San Antonio might be the seventh most populous city in the US, but along the Riverwalk it certainly doesn't feel like it!

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