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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

San Fernando Cathedral: Where Davy Crockett Was Buried

The San Fernando Cathedral is a short departure up a few stairways from the Riverwalk.  It's located on San Antonio's Main Plaza and is super easy to find.   It's across the San Antonio River, about a half mile from The Alamo.   At one point, before the skyscrapers were built, you could see one from the other.  The church and plaza are  very picturesque.
What really jumped out to us was the plaque on the side of San Fernando.  "The remains of the Alamo Heroes are entombed in the chapel in the left-hand side of the entrance to the cathedral.  Visitors Welcome".   This is it!  Davy Crockett's final resting place!  We would have loved to go in and pay our respects to a hero and his fellow heroes, but the church was closed because we got there late.
After Santa Anna finished his massacre, the troops piled the bodies up and burned them.  The residents of San Antonio gathered what was left afterwards, and brought it to the cathedral for burial.

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