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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The World-famous Omaha Zoo

In late August we took a trip to Omaha.  We wanted to go to the Omaha Zoo since we've heard lots of amazing things about it.  We got there when it opened, and left when it closed.  It's an all-day affair right now, but they're working on their Africa exhibit, which will definitely make it easy to spend two days there if you want to see it all.   I'll only blog about the highpoints of our visit.
We stopped by the desert dome first.  The kids loved the javalinas.  "Just like the ones we saw in Arizona when we lived there!"  
 The gorilla was pretty impressive.  The kids liked the baby orangutan as well.
 The aquarium was the best part of the visit though.  The kids could have watched the fish all day.
We also really enjoyed seeing the penguins swim back and forth.  They would dive under the water, swim really fast, then launch themselves above the water.

The worst part of the zoo was the two idiot kids (and idiot parents and crowd who were standing around watching) who had hopped the fence at the lion enclosure and were taunting the male lion.  He wasn't happy with them.  I yelled at the kids and told them to get back on the right side of the fence.  I had to yell at them twice.  Like I said, some people are idiots.

Nearest City: Omaha, NE
Location: N° W°
Time Needed: all day long
Difficulty: easy-moderate (long day and hills)
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Henry Doorly Zoo Website

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