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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Milk in a bag

While we were in Wisconsin, we stopped one morning at Kwik-Trip for gas and breakfast.  I had to introduce one of the finer (or funner) things Wisconsin has to offer to them- milk in a bag,  Of course when you say it though, you have to put in a little bit of the upper Midwest accent, so it sounds more like "milk in a beyg".  Don't be confused though when you've paid for your items that the clerk behind the counter asks if you wanna beg for them.  The polite thing to say in that situation is "yes, plastic will be fine."  Of course your initial gut response may be more like "What do you mean?  I already paid for them and now I need to beg for them too?"  Good times!  Wisconsin rocks!

We had our chocolate milk and donuts and kept driving north.  Oh, and the milk in a bag is delicious.  It's also a little cheaper than milk in a carton.

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