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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Art in the Park at George Washington Carver National Monument

After our two earlier stops in the Joplin area, we drove south a few miles to George Washington Carver National Monument.  It ended up being the most crowded of any of our stops that day.   It wasn't just another day at GWCNM, it was Art in the Park weekend! There were lots of tents and sunshades set up outside, with 6-8 different activities to participate in that helped in a hands-on way teach about George Washington Carver. Painting, card making, and dying fabric pieces with natural dye were some of the favorite activities.  We enjoyed learning the basics of the different techniques and collecting a few self-made souvenirs in the process. 
Inside there was an extensive museum on George Washington Carver and his contributions to science.  He was a pretty amazing man.  He lived a way that showed that science and religion are not mutually exclusive activities.  He was determined that everyone has the ability to rise above their circumstances if they are willing to put in the work and make the needed sacrifices. 

Nearest City: Diamond, MO
Location: follow the signs east of Diamond to the monument
Time Needed: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: George Washington Carver National Monument Website

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