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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Five Mile Creek Waterfall

We've discovered a delightful little waterfall on Five Mile Creek in Leavenworth.  It's just south of the walking path at 10th Avenue Park.  The water cascades over a rock ledge that stretches completely across the creek and drops about 4 feet.  We've stopped by several times and always detour from the path to throw a few rocks into the pool at the bottom or just look at the falling water.  It's been cold since we moved here, so we haven't wanted to play in the water yet, but I'm sure it's a great place to splash and play at in the summer.  We've had a few stretches of single-digit temperatures this winter and the waterfall has frozen over , forming a wall of icicles from the frozen water.  The last time we stopped by we found a few fossil shells in the rocks.  The waterfall is always fun to see.  Another nice thing about the 10th Avenue Park is the walking trail is a great place for the kids to ride their bikes.  There aren't consistent sidewalks here in Kansas.  Some places have them, other places don't, and it's really hit or miss to find a good solid walking route that kids can ride bikes at.  When we found the 10th Avenue Park, it was a great day for the kids and grownups in our house.

Nearest City: Leavenworth, KS
Location: Gatewood Street and 10th Avenue
Time Needed: varies
Difficulty: easy
Kid Friendly: yes- with supervision around water
Additional Info:

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