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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Camping at Fox Valley Lake, Missouri

Back in January we wondered what to do for Presidents Day.  We decided to go to Nauvoo, Illinois since it was a long weekend.  We've had a streak of camping every month since September of 2013 and since it was a warmer weekend (warmer being relative), we packed up and left after work.  We didn't want to drive all of the way there since it's about 300 miles from Kansas City, so Fox Valley Lake seemed like a good place to spend the night.  We arrived late, found a camp spot and set up camp in the dark. On the drive in, we scared off a small herd of whitetail deer grazing in a cornfield. 
In the morning, the kids woke up just before dawn and convinced us pretty quickly to go for a drive and warm them up.  We drove around for a while to see what Northeast Missouri is all about.  It's definitely a pretty area.  When we got back to the tent, we saw a few ice fishermen headed out to see what they could catch on the lake.  I guess there's bass, catfish, and panfish in the lake.  There were lots of dead trees poking out of the ice.  The camping is primitive, but there are restrooms available.  There's also a shaded pavilion full of picnic tables on the east side of the lake.  It seems like a great place to spend some time- especially when it's warmer!

Nearest City: Kahoka, MO
Location: N° W°
Time Needed:
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info: Fox Valley Lake Conservation Area Website

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