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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Paris Ice Cave

Last weekend we went up to Bear Lake to play in the water and visit a few more places.  We decided to go visit the Paris Ice Cave. 
The cave isn't actually a true cave because it never really gets completely dark inside.  It's properly called a grotto, but a cave is a cave!  While there, you walk through a stone tunnel, then out into an open area, then crawl back into the cave.  It's fun and a lot of people do it. 
Here's a picture of the boardwalk through the tunnel.  It's at least a foot above the tunnel floor, which usually has ice and water in it.  The distance above varies with the level of the water. 
In the open area before going into the cave, we saw a few people rock climbing and doing a free-hanging rappell.  I'll have to come back and bring my rope.  It looked really fun!
On the other side of the open area, the roof gets low and you have to crouch/crawl through the opening into the cave.  It's not huge in there, but there's ice all year round. 
The road is passable for passenger cars, but if you have a low comfort level a few spots might make you uncomfortable.  It's easily doable if you take your time and enjoy the mountains.

Nearest City: Paris, ID
Location: N42° 13.910 W111° 33.625
Time Needed: a few hours (includes the drive)
Difficulty: Moderate (slick ice)
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info:

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  1. It looks so fun! I wonder if I could convince Curt to go inside the cave since it doesn't actually get dark. Curt freaked out we=hen that guy got stuck in the Nuddy Puddy caves, he hates small confined places like that! I loved it when I went though! haha!