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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fossil Ammonites up Paris Canyon

As we were driving up Paris Canyon to visit the Ice Caves, we saw a rock outcropping on the north side of the road that looked like a good bet for finding fossils.   I'd read somewhere that there were fossils in the area and thought that this might be the place. I marked it's location, then we continued on our way, knowing that we'd be coming back down later on. 
After the Ice Caves, on our way back to Bear Lake, we stopped and climbed up the road cut to take a look.  Sure enough, there were definitely fossils! 
In less than half an hour of looking, we ended up finding about two-dozen ammonites.  The quality isn't the best, but for ease of access and looking, it's hard to beat! Most of them were 1-3 inches in diameter. 
This spot up Paris Canyon is a great place to look for fossils near Bear Lake.  Easy access, abundant fossils, easy digging, and the cephalopods are pretty cool.  I'll be back to find more.

Nearest City: Paris, ID
Location: N° W°  Paris Canyon Road
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