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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Formation Springs and Cave

Our last stop in the Soda Springs area was at Formation Springs.  This area is owned by the Nature Conservancy although their website doesn't contain much information on them.  I'm pretty sure it's overlooked by the vast majority of visitors to the Soda Springs area.  My best guess is they just stop to see the geyser and Hooper Springs.  It's their loss.
 Formation Springs is about 1/4 of a square mile, or 160 acres.  The area is packed with cold springs, spring deposits, and a cave.   Our first stop was at the cave. 
Apparently the cave is 1000 feet long, but we didn't explore the whole thing, since some of it looked like you needed to crawl through small spaces.  Right down the entrance whole, there are 3 directions you can choose from.  We didn't stay at the entrance long because of  a swarm of mosquitoes.  Straight ahead, the cave goes for a short distance.  The tunnel to your right (as you face the entrance) is longer, but the longest cave passage is the one to your left. 
The walls and ceiling are covered with cave popcorn.  The passageways are pretty amazing.  Take your time to enjoy them. 
After exploring the cave, we went over to see the springs.  They're equally amazing.  There is just pool after pool of crystal clear water.  I wondered if swimming was allowed, but kindof think that it's not. 
We wandered around the preserve enjoying the quiet beauty and continually finding new pools and things to see.  The water was amazingly fertile and places just teemed with freshwater shrimp. 
 If you need a place for quiet reflection, Formation Springs could definitely help restore some inner peace. 
Nearest City: Soda Springs, ID
Location: N° W°   Trail Canyon Road.
Time Needed:
Difficulty: Easy(springs) /Moderate (cave)
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info:  The preserve is only open during daylight hours.

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