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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Carbonated Springs of Soda Springs

We stopped by a few of the "soda" springs outside of Soda Springs.  They kindof reminded us of the carbonated springs in Manitou Springs, but a little less refined.  Manitou Springs has pipes you can fill your bottles up from.  The ones here, you had to dip your bottle in yourself. 
Hooper Springs is a nice park north of Soda Springs.  It has a pretty big spring, and it's definitely carbonated.  I'd brought some drink mix and wanted to make my own grape soda.   We looked at the spring, noticed the bubbles coming up, looked at the sign that states pretty clearly that this is water for consumption and not for swimming, then looked at the sign that shows the mineral content of the water.  Somewhere in that time, some dirty chick had come up to the spring, sat down, and put her feet in.  EWWW GROSS!   I was pretty ticked off.  How nasty is that!?  Ok- so she wasn't dirty, but I certainly didn't want to drink out of where she'd just soaked her feet.  Some people! 
So having that aspect ruined for us, we wandered around the park a little bit.  It's a really nice nature park!  South of the spring is the outflow for some sort of reservoir, so we went to look at it. As we got close, the mosquitoes got pretty bad, so we didn't stick around. 
We also stopped by Octagon Spring, which is 1/4 mile from the Geyser.  It's just a pipe coming out of the ground with fizzing and a little water coming from it. 
The two springs left me wishing that Soda Springs had a similar arrangement as Manitou Springs, where there were pipes sticking out of the ground that you could fill bottles from. If it's culinary water, I'm all about keeping it sanitary!  Having to stick your hand in the pool to fill a bottle, or seeing someone put their stinky feet in the drinking water is enough to make my stomach churn.

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