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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rocky Mouth Waterfall

Last week we made a trip down to the south end of the Salt Lake Valley.  Someone was getting rid of a bunch of hiking books and maps, and being the fanatic I am, I wasn't going to let anyone else get them.  It certainly helped that they were free.  After I got home, I tallied it up and there was about $200 worth of books and maps in the pile, talk about a major haul!  I've had a blast looking over the maps & going through the books planning more fun adventues.  Unfortunately, it's been rainy for the past several days and the snowpack in the mountains is still high.  I just have to tell myself that my time will come. 

While we were down in the area, we wanted to revisit Rocky Mouth Waterfall.  My wife and I had visited it just after we were married 4 years ago. (Actually, I think it would be fun to rappel down the waterfall, but that's for another day).  We were glad to see a new parking area just off of Wasatch Boulevard so we didn't have to park at the church like we did before. We had the small lot (6-8 cars) to ourselves.  We had a small picnic, then started hiking. 
The falls are behind a residential area with huge houses.  We hiked past the houses and up the hill, turned a corner and were out of sight. We picked our way through several trees, then the saw the falls.  The falls were much more active on this visit.    I think the last one was in late fall. 
It was really cool too to see the mosses and vegetation that grow into the rocks near the base of the falls to take advantage of the spray. 
On the hike back, we saw the remains of an old mine nearby.  It has been sealed off.  Who knows how deep it was or what they were after!  I can't help but speculate that it was probably just a prospect hole.  It was nice to see how much effort had been taken to remove the graffiti and litter in the area.  Four years ago when we visited there were several spray painted boulders and trees.  This time, it was mostly gone.

Nearest City: Sandy, UT
Location: about 11200 South, Wasatch Boulevard
Parking area N 40° 32.829 W 111° 48.386
Trailhead N 40° 32.721 W 111° 48.310
Waterfall N 40° 32.596 W 111° 48.231
Time Needed: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: Yes
Additional Info: Awesome little hike.  Round trip from the parking area is just under 3/4 mile

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