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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Weber State Museum of Natural Science

The Weber State Natural Science Museum is a small museum, but it has some pretty fun exhibits. We stopped by last week and enjoyed looking around.

I really liked the fossilised bird prints.
And the fossil fish

And the trilobites. One of the trilobites was as big around as a softball- it was huge!

The rock exhibits were pretty good. They have a florescent mineral collection that you can look at with a black light.

A few exhibits deal with native cultures- like a pottery exhibit, and an arrowhead exhibit.

The sabertooth cat skeleton was really sweet. Behind it you can see the skeleton of a gorilla.

I liked the frog skeleton too. They have a wildlife of Utah display case, and an exhibit on the native fishes of the Weber River. There's a lot to see in a small amount of space.

Nearest City: Ogden, UT
GPS Coordinates: N ° W °
Time Needed: 30-45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: Yes
Additional Info: It was pretty hard to find information on this museum. It's open Monday- Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, and the first Saturday of every month. Saturdays it's open are called Science Saturdays. It's free to the public. The museum is in the Lind Lecture Hall- a round building on the Northeast corner of campus. Parking can be tricky to find. I tried to find a location in the visitor parking lot west of the building, but it was all full. I ended up parking at a trailhead 1/4 mile north of the museum.

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