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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch

Have you ever had one of those places that you've driven by countless times, but never stopped? The Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch is one of those places for me. It's a familiar site for anyone that heads up the Mirror Lake Highway to the Uintas. I grew up a few miles down the road, and smiled every time I passed it, but never stopped. I decided to right the wrong and stop for pictures, so I turned onto Nudist Lane, pulled off to the side, and took a picture.

Now, just to set the record straight. The nudist ranch is not a real nudist ranch. You don't have nekkid (a redneck word) people running around, lounging around, walking around, or doing anything around. The ranch isn't a ranch. Instead it's probably someone's creation to make people smile and wonder about those crazies up above Kamas.

So I did it. I stopped by the one place I never had before. Now it's your turn. Go stop by the little shop, park, alley, or place you've always wondered about. It might be interesting, or not. If you do, at least you'll satisfy that little voice in your head that has always wondered.

Nearest City: Kamas, UT
GPS Coordinates: N ° W °
Time Needed:
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  1. What? There's no nekkid people? Well, I'm not going then!

  2. I have this exact picture Loved this have you stopped during the summer and asked what's up?

  3. The signs have been there since the late 70s, at least. (That I can vouch for.) To my knowledge there has never been a "nudist ranch" there. It's just a joke.

    There was a brand new sign there a month ago, but last night I drove over the Mirror Lake Highway and, for the first time in my memory, there was no sign. Some California transplant probably took offense.

  4. Nope I saw the Sign there this past weekend whn I went to mirror lake?

  5. September 22, the sign is there. I was looking for a real nudist ranch. They should be sued for false advertising.