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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mine Hunting up Ogden Canyon

Last week I went mine hunting near Pineview Reservoir with some friends. They'd found the locations of 3 mines, so we went out to try and track them down. The drive up Ogden Canyon and over Trappers Loop was pretty- especially up on top once we got out of the inversion.

We slogged up the hill a few times from a few different parking areas, but the results were the same each time: the mines had been blown. You can see in the picture below the indentation in the hillside from where the entrance tunnel at one of the mines was collapsed. Bummer. It sure was fun getting out though!

Nearest City:Ogden/Huntsville, UT
GPS Coordinates: Hidden Hole #2 Mine 411519N - 1115000W
Hidden Hole #3 Mine 411511N - 1114945W
Shanghai Creek #1 Mine Weber 411533N - 1115004W
Time Needed: 1 hour+
Difficulty: Moderate
Kid Friendly: No
Additional Info:

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